The most lovely wedding ever

Last year I fell in love with images from a lovely wedding website created by Stitch Design Co.

Their sister company, Sideshow Press, created save-the-dates with illustrations from vintage Audubon books.

Recently the wedding was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and my jaw just about fell off.  Of all the weddings I’ve seen, this South Carolina plantation wedding tops the list by far.  If you scroll through the pictures, the family horse and sheep are (beautifully) included as well.  I’m sold.  In keeping with the avian theme, feathers were used throughout the stationery suite and the bride’s dress had feathery pleat details.  (The bride’s and bridesmaid’s dresses were designed by Carol Hannah of Project Runway fame).  The guests even received these beautifully packaged gifts of locally-produced foodstuffs (some from the family plantation, some from their winery in Argentina)

The tent for the reception had beautiful draping – it looked decadent without being overly ornate.  (from event planner Kristin Newman)

I spent a considerable amount of time admiring all the wonderful photos of this wedding from photographer Elisabeth Millay.  If only I had a family plantation + sheep and horses…oh well, a girl can dream.

Photos from Martha Stewart and Elisabeth Millay

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