Cool new web app: BO.LT

At Alt Summit, I met Christine Harmel who is in charge of marketing at BO.LT, a cool site that allows you to save whole webpages.  At first glance, it looked like another Pinterest to me, but Christine showed me that it was so much more.  Pinterest allows you to save an image or video that you “pin”, directly onto their servers.  The link associated with the image is pinned as well.  However, once the webpage is modified or taken down, all you have left is the image.  BO.LT, on the other hand, is different – you can save entire dynamic webpages in an instant.  Once you enter the page you want to save, or “bolt,” the page is recreated in seconds on their server, with active links and all.

What does this mean exactly?  I used to save websites that I liked onto my hard drive by clicking File>Save from my web browser.  I was teaching myself web design and wanted to know how the good websites worked.  I would then get a folder with a bunch of images and files inside, and an additional .html file that was the recreated website.  It became too confusing to pair the right .html file with the right folder, especially if I reorganized the files on my computer.  But with this application, all of that ‘fun’ stuff is done for me, online, not to be lost again.

You can also add comments to each saved webpage (called bolts) and share your discoveries with friends, as well as see what other users are sharing.  I’ve already discovered some cool new-to-me websites and spent about 15 minutes bolting some of my favorite sites.  It’s incredibly easy to use.  Don’t you just love it when cool technology and good design intersect?

One of the founders also has a lifestyle site – where he shares bolts of pages that reflect a certain refined rustic aesthetic.  Check it out!

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